Valeur Customer Service has improved the service level

The housing association ALBOA initiated a partnership with Valeur Customer Service, because they needed as partner that could manage their inbound calls and secure a high level of service.

Viby J, Denmark

100 employees

Private Company

Housing Association

The partnership

“I am generally very satisfied with our partnership with Valeur Customer Service. Valeur’s employees are very experienced and they display a high level of insight into our business. We receive many calls, which are all carefully managed. The call agents are good at intercepting the customers’ needs and accessing whether there is a necessity of redirecting the call to specific employees in ALBOA.

Valeur Customer Service has given us more time and resources to manage our other responsibilities without being interrupted, which is of great value for ALBOA,” comments John Jensen, CEO at ALBOA.


The outcome

“Valeur Customer Service has contributed to a high service level and they show a high familiarity of all our employees, for which the calls a redirected correctly. This results in a high customer satisfaction and a low queue time. I highly recommend the services of Valeur Customer Service for other companies.”


We liberate your resources

By using Valeur’s call handling services, you liberate valuable resources in your company. You will be able to concentrate your efforts around more essential tasks, while we answer your calls.


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