Om BilligVVS

BilligVVS delivers quality plumbing products at cheap prices, to all of Denmark. 

BilligVVS has 35 committed employees who are fully engaged every day in servicing and helping customers with their online purchases. The company is the market leader in Denmark regarding the sale of plumbing online and has a fast-growing online plumbing webshop in Sweden and Norway.

The result of the collaboration Valeur Customer Service

“We are in safe hands with Valeur’s employees, who are experts in handling customers in the customers’ own language. This is crucial for us, because we are dependent, partly on the customers’ rating on Trustpilot, and to be able to ensure that the customers can always get through quickly and receive the right help.”

– Susanne Hoe, Team Coordinator, BilligVVS.

We help to release resources

If you use Valeur Customer Service as a support solution, you create security, service, growth, fewer missed calls, and quality in your customer service. 

Overall, our customer service helps to release some important resources in your company, so that you and your employees can concentrate on the essentials in relation to your products and service instead of having to answer the phone. 

Contact us today to hear more about how we can help your business with customer service. This ensures that customers receive a good customer experience from the beginning.