About makes it easy and inexpensive for companies and individuals, to buy signs, banners, foil texts and stickers online.

The challenge – cheapest and best strives to be able to offer our customers the cheapest and best products online. That strategy requires a cost-effective approach at all levels – not least when it comes to the personnel, but also without having to compromise on quality and good customer service.


The solution – takes the pressure

Valeur Customer Service helps to provide customer service during periods of peak load.

We process the incoming calls, emails, and chats to Foliekniven. In addition, we manage their Facebook pages. Our experienced consultants are ready to handle inquiries from customers from Germany and throughout Scandinavia. 

In future, there will be no such thing as wasted time, because payment will only be required for the inquiries that ValeurCS handles.


“We are in safe hands with Valeur’s staff, who are experts in dealing with customers in their own language. And that is crucial for us because we rely on customer reviews on Trustpilot. We also receive many new customers via networks, where customers inform us about the good experiences, they have had with Foliekniven. Both on price, quality, advice and overall, about the customer service. Valeur Customer Service naturally has access to our systems, and therefore they can help customers on an equal footing as with in-house customer service.”

– Rune Fabrisius, Owner, Foliekniven.






The result – saved resources

Foliekniven can now make do with a low staffing in-house, because Valeur Customer Service handles the overflow in peak periods. 

“This means that our own staff can concentrate on other important tasks, such as optimising the webshop and delivering the products. We are now sturdier because we can keep the stress factor down during periods of peak load.” – Rune Fabrisius, Owner,


We make your customers happy

When Valeur Customer Service handles your customer service, you receive higher customer satisfaction, the opportunity for better opening hours, answers in the customer’s mother tongue, higher customer satisfaction, fewer tickets, and better conversion rates. 

We meet your customers when they shop, across digital platforms and borders. 

Contact us today to hear more about how we can help give your customers a great experience from the start.