Housing Association ØsterBo

Valeur Customer Service has given us more ressources

The housing association ØsterBo initiated a partnership with Valeur Customer Service, because they needed as partner that could minimize the stress level of their employees.  

Vejle, Denmark

50 employees

Private Company

Housing Association

The partnership

“Valeur Customer Service has provided tranquility so we can focus on our main responsibilities, which also has facilitated a more effective service level. We are very satisfied at ØsterBO.

Our customers never realize that they are speaking with an external partner because the employees at Valeur Customer Service are very capable of answering all questions and redirecting the call to specific employees at ØsterBo”, comments the CEO of ØsterBo.


An economic solution

“Before outsourcing our customer service to Valeur, we were affected by a high stress level, which was difficult to manage. Today, we no longer have these problems because Valeur Customer Service are handling all of our calls.

I also want to point out the reasonable costs of using the services of Valeur Customer Service. It is a cheap solution, which resolves many different problems.”   


We liberate your resources

By using Valeur’s call handling services, you liberate valuable resources in your company. You will be able to concentrate your efforts around more essential tasks, while we answer your calls.


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