Unique Funeral Services

Valeur Customer Service takes our customers seriously

The founder of Unique Funeral Services is satisfied with the services of Valeur Customer Service.

“The decision to outsource all answering services to Valeur Customer Service has been of great help. Especially, because our customers are mourning and are in need of quick assistance.

It can be very difficult to receive calls from persons that have lost a loved-one, but at Valeur Customer Service, our customers are taken seriously and they get the help they need.”


Aarhus, Denmark

1 employee

Private Company

Funeral Services

The employees are experienced and mature

“As a mortician, I cannot always be available on the phone as I have meetings with the relatives. Therefore, it is very important to have an experienced and mature partner that can manages all inbound calls. After every call, I get a text with all the information, so I can call the customers back right away.”


We liberate your resources

By using Valeur’s call handling services, you liberate valuable resources in your company. You will be able to concentrate your efforts around more essential tasks, while we answer your calls.


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