Walt Disney Company Nordic

A high level of costumer service

Disney entered into an agreement with Valeur. Valeur’s task was to secure a good level of service for the costumers in a 10-weeks campaign.

Copenhagen, Denmark

48 employees

Private Company


The task

The task consisted of speaking with Disney’s costumers and assist with the most frequent questions. Valeur could consult with the contact person from Disney through e-mail or by phone in case of more special requests.

Head of Publishing, Jerome Venet

”We have been very fond of Valeur’s independent approach to the task. They are proactive, and they have succeeded in solving unforeseen challenges without assistance. Valeur has handled our collaboration professionally and given us the possibility of adjusting the budget regularly through the project. It has been an extremely satisfying cooperation, which we can definitely recommend to others.”

We liberate your resources

By using Valeur’s call handling services, you liberate valuable resources in your company. You will be able to concentrate your efforts around more essential tasks, while we answer your calls.


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