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Simon Lindbøg Lang,
Senior Business Developer

Customer Service is half of sales, or even more. This has Simon Lindbøg Lang experienced throughout his 15 years, 8 of them as a Manager, in a demanding e-Commerce business with large sales volumes and frequent technical assistance. 

Simon is passionated about providing knowledge, by helping other e-Commerce companies to deliver best-in-class customer service online. 

It is all about analyzing the competition and customers expectations and thereby overcoming both areas. This is done by delivering quick and efficient service on all relevant platforms.  


Tel: +45 27853538

Per - Customer Service Manager

Kevin Antoniussen,
Senior Business Developer

Kevin has a vast experience in sales and customer service, especially in terms of eCommerce and omni-channel. 

You have to be present, where the and when the customers a present themselves. Because of this, Kevin is super focused on helping businesses increase availability and decrease response time. 

Kevin has previously been in charge of various eCommerce businesses, which means he has experienced firsthand the challenges that our clients experience daily. 

Kevin has also international experience through some of his work regarding payment solutions and pricing. 

He is therefore a big asset for companies who seek to improve their businesses by reaching european markets, with the assistance of Valeur and their native speaking agents.  


Tel. +45 2840 5919

Per - Customer Service Manager

Klaus Valeur Leffers,
Adm. Direktør & Partner

Valeur Customer Service is an independent organization established by the family-owned parent company, Valeur, which was founded in 1992 by Karin Valeur.

In 2011, Karin Valeur initiated a generational change with sales- and marketing manager Klaus Valeur Leffers. This change has contributed to the preservation of Valeur’s strong position on the market and has secured the future growth of the company.

Valeur Customer Service has remained a conservative business approach where the cornerstone is a solid and healthy economy. This is illustrated by our many AAA ratings. 


Per - Customer Service Manager