ValeurDesk – place your customer success in system

Get full control of your digital customer service with our digital customer service platform, ValeurDesk. With our new platform it’s become even easier for us to be on standby when your workload increases. 

A ticket platform which is easy to use and intuitive

Based on best practice solutions from Valeur’s customer service experts, 
who daily work with big brands in Scandinavia 


Make the collaboration between customer 
and Valeur smooth and easy 

Give the customers shorter response times 
and high availability on all platforms 


Built on 20 years of experience

We’ve created our own digital customer service platform, which can be used both by your employees and our customer service consultants. This also means that we can either work for you or with you. 

Our ticket platform, ValeurDesk is built on 20 years of customer service experience by working with some of the leading brands in Denmark and abroad. This means that you can be certain of best in class service to your customers. 

ValeurDesk is designed to expand your availability across platforms, be it telephone, email, chat or SoMe. It is also designed to lower your response rate as well as surpass your customers expectations. 

Our platfom is based on tested IT solutions and on Valeur’s exceptional knowledge on both markets and customers needs. This makes ValeurDesk secure, user-friendly and efficient. 

ValeurDesk is made to give you loyalty among customers, happy customer service employees and good reviews. 


Super fast response to customer inquiries

Easy and quick routing

Standard answer that strengthens customer relations

Allocation of tasks to the right employee with the right expertise

Access to large knowledge database

ValeurDesk has an intuitive user interface so that you quickly can begin your customer success. And because our consultants use the same platfom, we can easily work together live to make sure help is there when it’s mostly needed. 

The collaboration is often easier with us than with larger tech giants and bigger CRM companies. As Valeur is family owned, we always make sure to place the humans in focus, meaning you and your customers. 

Any questions on our customer service platform? 

ValeurDesk gives your customers a professional and personal service across different platforms. Our services give you a higher customer satisfaction, which empowers your company’s needs and maintains on making customer satisfaction a competitive advantage. 

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