Chat support med fokus på en højere kundetilfredshed

BtB business support

When you have put a lot of effort into developing good products and informing customers about them, it would be a shame to forget to answer the phone when they call.

At Valeur, we keep an eye on your phone and all the other channels through which you can be contacted: your email, your chat, your social media, and review sites.

Here you truly benefit from the DNA we have in Valeur Group, with equal parts sales and customer service.

We ensure high availability, low response time, and professional service. At the same time, we focus on your sales and branding.

Because our consultants have business understanding, they can provide your stakeholders with a more coherent and solid experience that helps further qualify your leads before we hand them over to your sales department.

Our consultants are trained to ask the right questions, listen and understand, so your customers not only find the right path through your organization but also feel inclined to take it.

We are known for:

– Our lightning-fast response time and extended opening hours on all channels
– Our friendly and professional service, where we solve tasks in line with your spirit
– Our experienced team that focuses on upselling, reselling, and branding
– Our flexible solutions with full service or overflow arrangement in the most important European languages
– A customer service platform, knowledge database, and reporting system that ensure transparent and seamless collaboration with you and your organization

Our business case is simple: Since we specialize in customer service, we can retain skilled employees who are truly passionate about their field. And since we have clients in different industries with different peak periods, we can handle much greater pressure and operate a more cost-effective organization than companies can do alone.

We call this efficient sharing economy. You enjoy all the benefits yourself but share the costs with others.

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CEO, Klaus Valeur Leffers on or tel. +4586929000