You don’t go to just anyone when it comes to your finances or your well-being. You go to companies you trust and that have the highest level of integrity. And the systems behind it all, well, they just need to work.

We are fully aware of this at Valeur, which is why we have a “special team” consisting exclusively of experienced consultants whose voices exude expertise and inner calm.

So our professional image reflects your advanced services and provides customers with a reassuring overall experience.

At Valeur, we have experience that insurance claims can come in waves when sudden natural disasters, epidemics, travel chaos, or new societal risks arise.

Our industry solution incorporates a range of flexible mechanisms that keep our shared gears turning in sync:

– We work with companies in various industries with different peak periods. Therefore, we have a cost-effective organization that can handle sudden surges.

– We can provide you with full service or establish an overflow arrangement where we step in when necessary. The same flexibility applies technically: We offer our own customer service platform but can effortlessly work on yours as well.

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CEO, Klaus Valeur Leffers on or tel. +4586929000