Email Support

Do you end up neglecting your emails because og the sheer amount of emails you recieve?

Customer satisfaction has become an immense part of today’s businesses. However, with the increasing possibilities in which customers can reach your business, it has become difficult for businesses to manage the large amount of incoming requests, and still be able to provide the customers with a positive customer experience.

At Valeur Customer Service we help businesses with minimizing customer loss and wasted time by providing customized customer service solutions. Our solutions include email support, chat support, SoMe support and telephone support. Our primary goal is to free up resources for your business, thereby making it possible for you to focus more on your core competency. We offer a strategic collaboration where we advise your business, but at the same time, also engage in sales dialogues with your customers.

For the last 27 years we have delivered professional customer service across platforms, businesses and geographical borders. Our talented consultants are experts in increasing customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and assisting your company’s sales activities. We provide e-mail support for e-commerce businesses, realtors and for the FMCG segment.


Email support based on your needs

Customers expect a fast response on their requests no matter how busy your company and your employees may be. A solution for this is to outsource your e-mail support to Valeur Customer Service. We provide a customized e-mail solution based on comprehensive knowledge of your business and your customers.

We make sure that your customers experience the right service at the right time. Some of the requests we manage for our customers are:


Customer Service

Counseling and

Technical Support

Upsell on existing

Order Processing


Support after

Support across

Why you should outsource your email support to Valeur Customer Service

Our consultants work daily with different companies and businesses. This variation makes it possible to collect valuable knowledge about different customers and their challenges and expectations. We also create various knowledge databases about your customers and your business. This helps us manage requests correctly and more efficiently.

The benefits of outsourcing your e-mail support to Valeur Customer Service are:


More time for your
core competency

Fewer expenses on
customer support


An improved customer

Talented consultants with
business experience

Every platform, every business

Our consultants work with some of the world’s biggest support platforms. If your business uses a platform, which is not on our list, you can contact us and we will provide a customer solution that matches your platform.










How to get started

Analysis of your business

Træning af konsulenter

Consultant training

Test af chat support


Vi går live

We are live

We use your current platform

Valeur Customer Service hjæler din virksomhed med mersalg.

We assist with additional sales

Chat records and leads gathering


Improvements and changes

Analysis of your business

In order to create positive customer experiences for your customers, we first need to gather information and knowledge on your company, products or services. Our consultants’ insights and knowledge of your business is a prerequisite for satisfactory and effective request management.


Consultant training

Every collaboration begins with two weeks of consultant training. Our main priority is to get an understanding of what your customers need and expect from your business. That is how we increase the rate of success for great customer experiences.


At Valeur Customer Service, we regularly test our customer approach and always search for ways to improve our customer service. We wish to create great customer experiences regardless of the complexity of requests that we receive.  

We are live

As soon as your new e-commerce solution is active, you will start receiving daily/weekly reports, which contain interactions between customers and our consultants. We know how valuable customers are for businesses, and that is why we make sure you never lose touch with customers.

We use your current platform

Most of our customers use platforms such as Intercom and Zendesk, but we also manage other e-commerce platforms. We strive to make sure that being a customer at Valeur Customer Service is as easy as possible.

We assist with additional sales

Valeur has more than 27 years of experience in sales. Our talented and experienced consultants become a vital part of not only your customer service team, but also your sales team.

Chat records and leads gathering

We regularly send chat records of important conversations with your customers as well as possible opportunities for additional sales.

Improvements and changes

It is important that you inform us about any changes made regarding products, services or other news that could have an effect on the communication with your customers. Consultants that are up to speed with changes made in your business have a better opportunity to satisfy customers in regard to their requests.

What our customers say


“It was very important for us to have a partner that we can trust. Our business revolves around customer experiences, so it was crucial to find someone that could give the same level of service as we provide our selves. We fell for Valeur’s experience and the maturity of the staff.”

Torben Ebsen, Market Manager


Minimize customer loss with Valeur Customer Service