The energy sector has been going through a turbulent time with supply risks, political regulations, and negative press. Through the energy companies we already work for, we can see that these conditions have contributed to confusing and frustrating customers.

At Valeur, we are experts in handling such challenges. We provide customer service to a range of energy companies, which makes us specialists in answering the questions and solving the problems that energy customers have.

We have the entire setup ready to serve you as well. The organization is in place, and the experiences have been gathered, so you can seamlessly integrate and benefit from our reliable customer service.

We are accustomed to handling tasks related to:

– Electricity
– E-mobility, including support for charging stations
– Natural gas
– Heat pumps
– Oil
– General operational challenges
– Invoice inquiries

And, of course, we can do the same for you and more.

By collaborating with us, you will have the assurance of becoming a leader in the industry when it comes to customer service. At the same time, we tailor our task solutions and service level to match your standards, ensuring that availability, response time, and tone align with your specific ambitions and values.

Our industry solution incorporates several other flexible mechanisms that keep our shared gears turning in sync:

– We work with companies in various industries with different peak periods. Therefore, we have a cost-effective organization that can handle sudden surges and set new standards for the concept of the sharing economy.

– We can provide you with full service or establish an overflow arrangement where we step in when necessary. The same flexibility applies technically: We offer our own customer service platform but can effortlessly work on yours as well.

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CEO, Klaus Valeur Leffers on or tel. +4586929000