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Klaus Valeur Leffers,
CEO & Partner

Valeur Customer Service is an independent organization established by the family-owned parent company, Valeur, which was founded in 1992 by Karin Valeur.

In 2011, Karin Valeur initiated a generational change with sales- and marketing manager Klaus Valeur Leffers. This change has contributed to the preservation of Valeur’s strong position on the market and has secured the future growth of the company.

Valeur Customer Service has remained a conservative business approach where the cornerstone is a solid and healthy economy. This is illustrated by our many AAA ratings. 


Per - Customer Service Manager

Rikke Røjgaard,
Partner & COO (Chief Operating Officer)

As a partner and a vital part of management, it is Rikke Røjgaard’s ambition to accelerate the same business development, which has transformed Valeur from a standard telemarketing agency into a consultancy that acts as a strategic link between companies and their markets. 

Rikke is an ambitious leader and makes an effort in leading the way for succes for the whole team. Her dedication enables Valeur’s constant growth and empowerment to create new business opportunities for our clients. 


Per - Customer Service Manager

Michael Blaabjerg Madsen,
Finance Manager

Michael has a past from the large e-commerce business WhiteAway and even has experience telemarketing and consultant work (Nykredit and more). Furthermore, he has a Master’s degree in Finance and International Business.

He ticks all the boxes in order to understand our business and create value for Valeur every single day.

With our ambitions in internationalization and digitalization, Michaels ability to crunch numbers and analyze situations is constantly being used when expanding our business.

Privately Michael is a devoted husband and avid runner.


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Per - Customer Service Manager

Rasmus Damgaard,
Head of E-commerce Support

Rasmus Damgaard is your ‘go to guy’ when accelerating your e-commerce.

Rasmus is an experienced team leader in the development of strong e-commerce setups, with a high degree of service. 

At Valeur, Rasmus is in charge af a formidable e-commerce support team, based on strong values as integrity, quality and professionalism. The central assignment for the team is to rethink all customer support experiences – both in terms of the customer and the company they are supporting. 

The team has the tools necessary to not only meet, but also exceed, the customers’ expectations, by providing them with a unique all-round experience. 


Tlf. 2216 8844

Per - Customer Service Manager

Board of Directors

Michael Ejby has an expertise in strategic and digital business development through an active role in working with Board of Directors. Michael was previously the Senior Vice President of Salling Group, making him responsible for business development and e-Commerce.

Michael was also a partner in Qvarts, a management consultancy agency, and Market Director at JYSK. He is both chairman as well as member of several Board of Directors. 

Michael is to support the constant growth of Valeur in terms of international customer service, e-Commerce and canvas sales. 

Chairman of Board of Directors since 1st of October 2020. 

Per - Customer Service Manager

Kristoffer Okkels is a Marketing & Business Director at Creuna, a company with 350 employees making it Scandinavia’s biggest agency in the field of customer experience. 

Kristoffer is responsible for a large part of Creuna’s commercial activities and leads the company’s work with strategic and business development. Kristoffer is also accustomed to working with strategy at large danish and international businesses such as Arla and Vestas. 

Before his time at Creuna, Kristoffer was responsible for all digital activities at Datagraf Communications, which now is a part of Aller Media. He has also been in charge of business development at Innovation Lab, which is Denmark’s oldest consultancy with a focus on innovation. 

Member of Board of Directors since 15th of March 2019. 

Per - Customer Service Manager

Rikke Røjgaard is a partner and COO at Valeur. She made the transition to become a part of Valeur from her previous occupation as a Head of Sales at Bisnode/NN Markedsdata. Rikke has ever since strengthened Valuer’s constant client dialogue and improved the company’s know-how. 

As a COO at Valeur, it is Rikke’s goal to make Valeur Denmark’s best provider of telemarketing, customer service and e-Commerce through several years of experience, professionalism and commitment. 

It is Rikke’s and the rest of the team’s ambition to make sure that clients think of Valeur, when they need to choose an external partner in regards to our core competencies. 

Member of Board of Directors since 1st of October 2018.  

Per - Customer Service Manager

Klaus Valeur Leffers is the CEO and partner at Valeur. He has been a part of Valeur since 2011 and made the transition from Sales & Marketing Manger to CEO in 2016. 

Valeur has in the last 28 years created value for clients in different business areas. Valeur Customer Service is also a part of Valeur. At our Customer Service department, we take care of our clients customer service across boarders, languages and platforms. We strive to service your customers with a professional and personal service. 

Member of Board of Directors since 30th of November 2016. 

Per - Customer Service Manager