Hjælp til marketplaces

Marketplaces – we lead the way

You can have all the worlds customers with just a few clicks, when you sell through marketplaces like Amazon, Otto, La Redoute and Zalando. 

At Valeur, we have more than 20 years of experience with marketing, sales and customer service on digital and international markets. This makes us the perfect business partner for companies who wish to create their customer journeys across the great e-marketplaces. 

We guide you through strategic decisions, which have to be made when you choose the right marketplaces for your business based on your brand and business model.

The marketplaces have certain demands, which we help you achieve. We also make sure that you are full aware of the possible risks and how to avoid them successfully. 


Strategi – a mix of marketplaces

We assist you in adding digital marketplaces to your e-market strategy, so you can: 

  • Get the right co-branding with your marketplace
  • Aim at the right target audience with a strong mix of marketplaces
  • Offer the best customer service


Demands – quality and customer service

The many marketplaces have different demands for businesses. But there are several common demands which dictates what you as a business have to offer: 

  1. Products of a certain quality
  2. Quick delivery 
  3. Customer service with fast response and often in several languages. 

We help you chose the right marketplaces, which have the greatest opportunity for success in relation to your business. Thats why we can assure you that you deliver the customer service which is needed. Our experienced consultants make sure that you business delivers a fast response and is available on all the needed platforms, such as telephone, email and chat. 

Our consultants are used to deliver a service that is beyond the marketplaces as well as the customers expectations, which gives you the opportunity to create both more sale and resale. We are able to keep the business open even after closing hours and in the weekends. Our consultants also work on SoMe platforms and in a variety of languages. 


Risks – brand values and compliance

With your choice in marketplaces, you are signalling specific brand values towards your customers. Just as you choose whether your shop should be in one mall or the other . 

Your brand and the marketplaces you choose intervene and affect the image of both your business and the given marketplace. 

This makes for two large risks to keep an eye out for: 

  1. Does the marketplace affect your brand value? 
  2. Are you able to live up to the demands of the marketplace in terms of quality and customer service? 

Take for instance Amazon, who is known for suspending businesses for not complying with the rules. But there are also others, like for instance french Le Redoute, who are known to remove products and terminate contracts. 

At Valeur, we make sure to firstly create a risk analysis and thereafter assist your business in complying with the rules of any given marketplace. 

When we choose the right marketplace together, the whole world opens up at your feet. And when you deliver quality products together with our quality customer service, the world stays at your feet. 
















Collaborate with us

We offer several models for our collaboration based on the capacity we have at our disposal or the number of cases that we process. 



Lets have a talk about your possibilities 

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