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We open new markets

Valeur is your key to new markets abroad. We help you get started with our LocalizePro in six points. It will make you and your webshop blend in as naturally as a Volkswagen in Wolfsburg or a bottle of red wine in Bordeaux.

We have successfully assisted numerous e-commerce companies in Europe.

Because we know the markets and speak the customers’ language, we can offer you some effective starter packages in Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

We tailor our special LocalizePro plan for you. Step by step, we review your local presence and everything underneath that ensures your new customers feel compelled to do business with you.

Our service is based on our unique combination of business understanding, cultural understanding, and language competence.

We ensure that your customers see you as a local company that could just as well be located on the main street in Nice, Nuremberg, or Nijmegen.

Do it thoroughly when you do it.

There is the linguistic pitfall:

If you invite a Swede or a Norwegian to a ”frokost” meeting, you risk them coming early because for them, the word means breakfast.

And there is the cultural aspect:

When a Dane comes to a meeting in jeans and says ”du” (informal “you”), while a German comes in a suit and says ”De” (formal “you”), it happens for the same reason. Both parties show respect for the other. One by being humble, the other by making an effort.

This is how we do it.

Valeur’s LocalizePro in six points:

1. Local phone number

We assist you in finding the best possible solutions with local phone numbers, so you position yourself more locally with your solutions and create trust among your customers.

2. Payment solutions

We ensure that your customers can use the payment solutions they are accustomed to with you.

In Germany, for example, the choice of payment method also depends on personal preferences, trust in the merchant, security considerations, and the availability of the payment method. Online retailers should therefore offer different payment methods to meet customers’ needs.

Credit cards are also popular in Germany, although not as widespread as in other countries. Many customers prefer direct debit from their bank account because it is simple and convenient. However, there are also more modern online payment services. Finally, many still prefer invoice purchases, where the company bears the risk.

3. Shipping, returns

We help you choose the shipping companies trusted by the locals and the most cost-effective handling of returns.

In Germany, for example, there are many well-known international shipping companies and courier services. They have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to options for pallet returns, express delivery to customers, the number of pickup locations, installation/assembly options, and return handling.

Most shipping companies only allow delivery to the curbside. However, some offer home delivery to the recipient at an additional fee.

If you would like to learn more about the pitfalls in foreign shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us.

4. Targeted marketing

We advise you on your website and marketing so that your design and messages resonate with consumers with local preferences.

In Germany, for example, they use many of the same social media platforms as in Denmark, but there are also other popular or upcoming platforms such as WhatsApp, Xing, and Telegram.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the media preferred by your target audience.

5. Terms and compliance

We ensure that you comply with local rules for marketing and consumer protection.

6. Translation

We translate your marketing texts to appeal to your new target audience and avoid cultural and linguistic errors.

Our international team specializes in translating and proofreading your websites. We use various professional tools to ensure the best possible quality. An important advantage of Vale

ur is that we have a whole team that inspires each other and ensures the quality of the products.

When we translate content, we place particular emphasis on ensuring that the translation is targeted and up-to-date. We are particularly attentive to the linguistic characteristics of the target country to ensure that the target text does not sound like a translation but rather an original text from Germany.

Contact us for a non-binding conversation about the material you need to have translated and adapted to your new target audience.

With your new local presence, consumers experience a whole new level of trust, and you gain a whole new level of credibility as a supplier.

Starter Packages:

Starter Package I:
When you choose Starter Package I, you receive guidance according to LocalizePro points 1-5. This means you are ‘up and running’ with local contact information, payment solutions, and shipping solutions. You are also ensured to ‘blend in’ and comply with the rules.

Price: 10,000 DKK

Starter Package II:
When you choose Starter Package II, you receive guidance just like in Starter Package I. In addition, you receive LocalizePro point 6, including a total of 20 hours of translation for your product texts (estimated 200 texts of 4-6 lines each) and proofreading of other marketing materials. This ensures that your foreign frameworks are filled with top professionalism.

Price: 19,500 DKK

*The number of hours and the price may vary depending on the volume and content type. Additional hours can be added.

Meet our team:

Mercia Samuel.

Responsible for Germany.

“When operating in Germany, one should be aware that Germans are often more polite and formal than Danes, but there are also significant regional differences and differences between age groups.”

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