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Klaus Valeur Leffers,
CEO & Owner

As the CEO, Klaus is faced with a company’s classic, strategic challenges. At the same time, he uses his huge network in Danish business for inspiration and benchmarking.

Klaus is therefore right at the center of gravity, knowing the pains and gains relevant to any management today and in the future.

During his many years at Valeur, Klaus has gained considerable experience in creating international customer service solutions, anticipating the needs of the modern consumer and winning market shares. 

Klaus greatly values the close contact with his customers, so that we can constantly adapt our solutions to your business goals and movements in the market.

He always has your customer’s total experience in mind. He develops this understanding and judgement by engaging broadly in society.

As comfortable as he is performing in front of top managers and ministers, he is just as committed to CSR and philanthropy, partly in the framework of Valeur and various business networks, but also privately by calling for a more inclusive labor market. 


Per - Customer Service Manager