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At Valeur, we assist public authorities who want to deliver good service to citizens and do so as efficiently as possible.

We already have the phone line in our “warm hands” for several municipalities and agencies.

We have extensive experience in serving all Danes and have the patience to explain things properly.

At the same time, we ensure that the service level matches the high standards we are accustomed to delivering for our private, competitive clients.

We are known for:

– Our lightning-fast response time and extended opening hours on all channels
– Our friendly and “educational” assistance
– Our flexible solutions with full service or overflow arrangement
– A customer service platform, knowledge database, and reporting system that ensure transparent and seamless collaboration with you and your organization

Our business case is simple: Since we specialize in customer service, we can retain skilled employees who are truly passionate about their field. And since we have clients in different industries with different peak periods, we can handle much greater pressure and operate a more cost-effective organization than public or private companies can do alone.

We call this efficient sharing economy. You enjoy all the benefits but share the costs with others.

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CEO, Klaus Valeur Leffers on or tel. +4586929000