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Data-Driven Retention – How to Win Back Your Customers

Retention – winning back old customers – has become a hot topic, and it’s easy to understand why.

Existing customers are more valuable than potential customers. It’s easier to make a repeat sale than to convert a lead.

At the same time, the customers who already know you hold valuable knowledge about your customer journey, which you can use to optimize your business.

At Valeur, we specialize in engaging with customers who appear to have stopped doing business with you.

We ask them why and provide a thorough churn analysis.

Our experience shows that most people appreciate these questions. Regardless of whether the customer had a good or bad experience, it strengthens trust in you when you show that you care about their success and strive to improve your offerings and service.

So, here’s what you get:


Data you can use to develop your business

Stronger relation to customers


A more proactive, service-oriented, and development-focused reputation.


Here’s a translation of the text:

This is how a qualitative survey may sound:

What is the primary reason for no longer shopping with us?
How crucial was each of the following areas in your decision to no longer shop with us (Score from 1-10)?

a. Assortment

b. Website usability (difficult to find what you were looking for)

c. Price of products

d. Delivery time

e. Delivery cost

f. Customer service

g. Where else do you shop for “product type” (or other product category depending on the store) online and why?

h. Why did you choose to shop with us in the first place?

What would it take for you to consider shopping with us again?
On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague (NPS)?
Do you have any additional feedback?

Let’s meet and discuss how we can design the right survey for your churn analysis. With it, we can start winning back your valuable former customers.