Søstrene Grene – a specific and scalable customer service

From now on, Søstrene Grene can focus on the international growth of the corporation. With Valeurs specific and scalable solution, Søstrene Grene are ensured that their customer service follows both demand and the development in the industry. 

What outsourcing has done for Søstrene Grene:


Scalable solutions

Søstrene Grene has received a customer service setup that is adjustable.

“Valeur ensures that the number of staff always matches the amount of inquiries, and that those who help the customers are well trained and speak to the customer in the customers’ own language.” 

– Simone Nybo (SN), Team Lead Customer Relation & Service, Søstrene Grene.


High availability

It is now possible to reach Søstrene Grene outside of the normal working hours when the customers have more time. In Denmark, the opening hours are from 8-22 on all weekdays and from 10-15 on weekends.

Søstrene Grene can now operate with differentiated opening hours.


Focus on growth

Søstrene Grene have opened their web shop in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, and Sweden and aim to open for e-commerce in 18 countries within the next few years. 

“Now we can focus on growth without having to worry about the day-to-day running of our customer service – with e.g., recruiting, training and maintaining employees.” SN


Specialized service

Søstrene Grene has received a solution that is 100% specialized and professional. 

“We now have a strong partner for our customer service. A partner with the same notion regarding customer service, a partner, who was just right for Søstrene Grene and with whom we have been able to collaborate and communicate closely.” SN