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Valeur Customer Service is devoted to creating professional customer care and call handling solutions that form the basis for satisfied and loyal customers. 

We tailor our solutions to each client, so your customers get the desired customer experience. This enables you to outsource your whole customer unit to a partner, that has specialized in customer service and inbound call-handling services.

In over 20 years, we have assisted our clients in creating a personalized and quality-rich customer service that represents the company’s values.

Valeur Customer Service operates in all Scandinavian countries and Germany for which we can manage your customer service across borders and languages. Regardless of your customer’s location, they will always experience a personalized service.

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Through our extensive experience in customer service and inbound call handling services, we handle every call with respect and a high level of quality. Your customers will experience an outstanding service that follows the brand of your company. 

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Why Valeur?

Valeur Customer Service is a professional and experienced contact center that values a high level of service. We strive to cover our customers’ needs by offering the best inbound call-handling solutions. You can expect a partner that perceives your success as an essential factor for our own success rate.  

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service provider

Solutions with
omni-channel features

Tailored and
flexible solutions

Reduced costs and

Possibility of
up-and downscaling

Experienced and
mature employees

Quality- and
performance management

Adaptable to your
online control system

Customer service across borders

We have more than 20 years of experience in customer service and inbound call handling services across borders. Valeur Customer Service has accumulated significant knowledge of the Danish, Scandinavian and German markets, which makes us an ideal partner for companies that operates on these markets.

We have developed profound knowledge on the formal, cultural and practical factors that are present in international customer service and inbound call-handling services.

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Our mission

Putting the customer first is the cornerstone of good customer service. We believe that good results emanates from an open dialogue, a united approach and a long lasting partnership. Our work process is characterized by high experience, flexibility and quality in all our services.

Klaus Valeur Leffers
CEO & Partner